Our Staff

Joe Pillera - Founder and sole proprietor

Joe Pillera, Founder and sole proprietor

As the founder of "Your Virginia Pets R My Pets" I have extensive experience in animal care and business management. 

I spent eight years as a volunteer with "Friends of Homeless Animals", a local animal rescue group, with the last 2 years serving as their Executive Director.  At any one time, we had 110 dogs in residence and 60 cats. 

During the "volunteer" portion of my service, I worked for 3 years, in a part-time capacity, for an alternative pet care organization, performing the exact duties upon which I have founded this company, including: playing, walking, feeding, watering, cleaning litter boxes, alternating lights, picking up papers and mail, watering plants and keeping an eye open for security and maintenance issues, while making the home looked lived-in.   Many a time, dogs who "didn't like men" were sent in my direction. 

I have a genuine love for animals, and live with three dogs of my own.   I find that I can get along with 99.9% of the dogs I meet.  Regarding cats - what can I say - I let them be themselves and go with the flow they dictate!

You will find me very professional in my business approach as well.  I have over 37 years of Federal Government administrative experience to draw upon.    During that time, I dealt with many business situations and interacted with hundreds and hundreds of individuals during those years. 



Diane Has been with us since 2008. She has a wealth of experience in handling animals of all types. She ran a horse riding academy for many years as well as raising Mastiffs, a very large breed indeed. Her calm demeanor and extensive experience level makes her an ideal candidate for any pet sitting situation. Diane handles assignments in Purcellville, Leesburg, and Hamilton.



Pam started off as a client and turned into a very capable pet sitter a few years after that and has been with us for over ten years now. She is very experienced in dealing with our dog and cat clients and is highly regarded by those to whom she has provided service. Pam services Leesburg, Lansdowne, River Creek, Lucketts and Raspberry Falls.



Daniel has a few years of college under his belt. He has a high energy level and can take assignments during school breaks and the summer. He does not disappoint our clients and has handled all situations we have thrown his way. Daniel services Leesburg, Purcellville, Lansdowne, River Creek and Lucketts.



Abby is one of our college students, available for assignments during school breaks and the summer time. She is comfortable in any pet sitting situation and has quite an ability to give the pets what the want and need.



Lisa has been with us for over six years. She can handle any type of pet situation. At home, she has a couple of great darns and standard sized poodles, so she can surely handle multiple pets in a home. She is calm and has just the right touch to make all the animals to which she serves, be comfortable.



Holly has been with us for 4 years. She is an outstanding person to assign just about any kind of pet sitting assignment. She has a multiple pets home and deals well with multiple pet homes of our clients. Holly handles sits in Purcellville, Hamilton, Paeonian Springs, and Beacon Hill.



Justin is part of a mother son team. He has been with us for 3 years and aspires to enter the veterinary profession in some capacity. Justin services Purcellville, Hamilton and Round Hill.



As a school principal, Joyce started with us as a client, where we took care of her cats, chickens, dogs and horses. As we moved on through the years, when she was ready to retire from teaching, pet sitting was a perfect match for her as a second, less demanding career. Joyce has now been with us for over six years and is one of our most dependable, go to sitters. She can handle most any situation and always receives compliments from her clients regarding the terrific service she provides to them.