Our Prices

The rates quoted below apply to both vacation and daily walk pet sits. Prices are subject to change - please call for an exact quote and to schedule a no-cost, initial visit by the company owner and the primary pet sitter assigned to your account.

Initial Consultation                        No Cost

DOGS (25-30 min session)

     Base Rate                                 $24.00

     Each Additional Dog                   4.00


CATS (25-30 min. session) 

     Base Rate                                  $24.00

     Each additional cat                       4.00

Overnight Rates - per day            $85.00

Overnight stays include 3 walks: morning, evening, and late night.


Horses, mammals, reptiles, birds and fish - The cost will depend on the level of service needed and will be determined after the initial consultation with the client. Prices will be similar to rates detailed above. Fish, small mammals, and birds, when combined with cat or dog sits, are usually free of charge.