Our Services

Our number one goal is to ensure the safety of the pets left in our care, in your home.  We pride ourselves on providing undivided attention to your pets when we are there, while giving, to the best of our ability, the same loving, stress-free environment as you do  for your pet.  We want you to be away from home with the peace of mind and guiltless feeling that comes with the knowledge that all will be safe when you return and that your pet's every need has been met.  

Your Virginia Pets R My Pets provides a vast array of pet sitting services, providing enrichment to your pets, including but not limited to: Dog walking and feeding; feeding for cats, horses, mammals, fish, reptiles and birds.  Cleaning of cages, litterboxes, pens, and stalls.  As a part of our services, we will watch over your home while you are away.  We also bring in the mail, take out the trash and alternate lighting, if needed, to make your home looked lived in.   Our goal is to provide a service the same as you would provide for your pets if you were home.  

We make every attempt possible to assign the same pet sitter to a client, each time they use us. Being a medium sized pet sitting company, we have the ability to provide backup pet sitters in the event the regular sitter is not available, or in an emergency situation.