Why Should I use an in-home, pet sitting service?

There are a number of reasons: 

1)  If you work long hours.

2) You get stuck at work with unexpected, late hours or overtime.

3) You cannot provide daily exercise for your pets due to a busy schedule.

4) You want someone you can trust caring for your pets.

5) You worry about exposing your pets to injury or disease at a kennel.

6) You would rather your pet remain at home where he/she feels safe and at peace in familiar surroundings.

7) You wish to enjoy a guilt free vacation, knowing your pets are in a professional's hands.

8) You want to be certain that your pet will receive special attention and one-on-one care.

9) You wish to avoid the hassels of transporting your pet to and from a kennel. 


How much advance notice is required to engage your services?

Right up until the last minute if the situation requires it.  However, advanced planning, where appropriate ensures you of a reservation, well in advance of your putting the care of your pet into our hands.

If I am looking to adopt a rescue animal, where do I go?

There are a number of places to find perfectly good pets who deserve a second chance in life.  Many of the animals found in local shelters have been given up for reasons that have nothing to do with the temperment of the animal.   For example, there's been an increase recently of pets given up because of a foreclosure on family homes.  Other reasons include divorces, animal got too big, and allergies of a family member. 

Nationally, one can check on the Pet Finder website for possibilities.  Local to Loudoun County,  Virginia, a person can check with the Loudoun and Fairfax Animal Shelters, as well as private rescue groups like Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) and HART.  There are other smaller rescue groups in our area as well. 


I understand a portion of your profits are donated to local rescue organizations, is this correct?

Yes.  We feel very strongly when a family or an individual is looking for a pet that they explore the possibility of adopting from one of the local shelters, first. 

What types of training methods do you support.

Positive reinforcement training methods and companies that use them, are the only ones we recommend to our clients.  An animal should never be hit, or otherwise treated negatively when trying to get them to do what we want.  They are always eager to please, we just need to patiently show them what we would like them to do.   In many cases, it is the owner who usually needs to be shown the correct way to train an animal, not the animal itself.

OK, so I want to engage your services, where do I start?

It is very simple.  You can call us at 703-867-7158 or e-mail us at virginiapets@comcast.net to arrange for coverage.    We can fax, mail, or e-mail to you two pieces of paper to be completed before or during the initial orientation visit.